The name Caviello has been synonymous with men's fashion in Italy for the last 50 years. The business was founded in 1962, by Mr. Claudio Caviello, whose father was a tailor in the 1890's with multiples stores In Italy.

Claudio first store was opened in Barry - Italy, but moved to Milano (corso di porta).

In 1990 John Caviello (the sun of Claudio) joined the staff as a young lad from school. Two years later in1992 saw the closure of the laneway beside the store and an opportunity to extend. This was the beginning of the very successful Claudio Caviello section.

A promotion in 1998 saw Mr. John Caviello become manager of the whole store and his sister Theodora Caviello joined the staff as a part-time book- keeper.

The store saw quite a few changes during the next 2 years, one being the addition of formal suit hire department.

The store was extended in 2000 to multiple countries, Germany, Spain and to multiples branches in Italy.

Today Caviello Menswear covers 913 square meters of men's fashion and formal hire, making it one of the largest privately owned menswear stores in Italy.

Caviello Menswear is and has been very much a family business with John and Theodora Caviello. When asked about changes for the new century the one thing Claudio said, was that John Menswear would retain, as it has done for the past 53 years, the personalized friendly service, backed by quality mechanize, at affordable prices.